Go ahead! (Bad commercial)

Go ahead. Live in fear. Embrace it. It will make your life so much more interesting and rich. Fear of everything: from planes to elevators, from subways to late night hours in town, from bus trips to speaking in public. Yup, that’s the key to a happy life. Stay indoors and close the curtains after 8pm – there’s life happening outside, omg, can you imagine the horror?
Go ahead, live in fear. Why would you wanna be free?!

Go ahead, judge. It’s so much better than trying to be understanding. It offers you such a good way of pushing people away from you. Carry on, put labels on people’s heads and judge them.

Go ahead, argue and fight and judge those who love you. I mean, honestly, what’s the point of being rational and calm?

Go ahead, keep it all inside of you. Don’t let anyone know how you really feel, don’t share your frustrations when they appear. Build up tension inside of you, instead. It’s much better. This way, you can appear to be cool all the time, and then you can just suddenly blow-up, messing with people’s minds and feelings.
Go ahead, don’t talk about the way you feel until it’s too late; that’s the key to a strong relationship.

Go ahead, forget those who care about you and tried to help you and listen to you when you needed the most.

Go ahead, ignore people’s passions. I mean, why would you wanna try to see things from their perspective?! Judge them instead, think of them as being 5yo people. After all, it’s so easy to destroy and condemn what you do not understand, just as the lyrics from Within Temptation’s song say.

Go ahead, be stubborn. Don’t let others give you advice. Listen only to those who fuel your fears. They made you who you are, so why not letting them mess you furthermore?!

Go ahead, be you! It’s like a commercial.

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