Reboot movie is among the finalists at BioFiction Festival 2019, Vienna

Dear Friends,

The last couple of days were incredible and brought great news.

I am happy, honored and humbled to announce that my second short movie, “Reboot” was selected to be part of the Biofiction Science Art Festival 2019 in Vienna and it is among the finalists, waiting for the theatrical screening, on September 23 and 24, 2019 at Stadtkino City Cinema in Vienna, Austria. You can find the list of all the finalists and more details about the festival and the venue here:

I am also honored to have been invited to join the festival, so if you’ll be in the area, come and let’s meet 🙂

Biofiction Semi-Finalists 2019

Above, you can see a screenshot of BioFiction Festival’s website, listing the finalists of this year among which I am honored to be. But please, don’t stop at the screenshot, go visit the festival’s website and come to the festival, next week! 🙂

And, below, the official selection notification which I had to read several times to believe my eyes.

Official selection notice from BioFiction Festival regarding Reboot movie.

It’s an incredible feeling and joy to have my movie selected and to be invited to the festival and I want to thank the organizers for this wonderful honor, I want to congratulate all the finalists and the participants and I hope to see you there.

Andrei Thutat Ungur.

Reboot Short Movie Official Facebook Page:

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