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“Reboot” short movie officially launched at TVR 2’s Show #NuExistaNuSePoate and now available on-line

Dear friends, I had the pleasure and honor of being invited to Andreea Marin’s latest show, #NuExistaNuSePoate on National Television TVR 2.

We had a lovely talk about the “Reboot” short movie and about different aspects of my life so far and the path I walked since I was a kid.

More than one year has passed since I made “Reboot” with all my heart and all my soul and nothing else. It had an amazing run in the festivals’ circuit and won 5 awards:

  • – 1st place in the “Special Jury Prize” category at the BioFiction Science-Art Film Festival in Vienna, in September 2019,
  • – Honorable Mention at Canada Shorts Film Festival, in November 2019
  • – Best Short at the Eurasia Film Festival in Moscow, in March 2020,
  • – Honorable Mention at the Wallachia Film Festival in Romania
  • – Best Short in the “Amateur Dramatic < 40” category at the Raw Science Film Festival in Los Angeles, US in August 2020

I am profoundly honored and humbled and amazed by the great reception my independent, no-budget, self-shooted short film received and I want to say “Thank you!” from the bottom of my heart to the jury members and festival organizers from around the world who took the time to watch my submitted short film and decided to select it into their programs and even awarded it. Thank you!

My dream is to make films and my hope is to make them interesting enough so people will watch them. “Reboot” was, up until now, in a closed circuit of the festivals and it was not available online, and my wish is to make it available so anyone could watch it.

With the occasion of today’s show, #NuExistaNuSePoate by Andreea Marin at TVR 2, I made “Reboot” available for watching for free on the Internet (I am holding the copyright and all the rights, though) both on Vimeo and on YouTube.

“Reboot” short movie can be watched on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/337205112 and/or on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/-Uf94jA9liA

You can find “Reboot” short movie on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/rebootShortMovie/ and on IMDB here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11828908/

Please don’t be shy and share the news about “Reboot” using the hashtag #RebootShortMovie


“Reboot” is my second short movie, made in 2019, with no budget (zero budget), all by myself. I worked for two and a half months, nearly 12 to 14 hours per day, every day, covering all the departments from story creation and writing, screenplay writing, interpreting, shooting, editing, recording, sound work, and a bit of VFX.

There are two shots where the camera makes a panning move (vertically and horizontally) and I had to be in the frame, interpreting the character, so for those shots, my mom stepped in and moved the camera accordingly to my instructions. That is the reason why my mom appears as “Camera Assistant” on the end credits.