How to increase line-height (line spacing) in NetBeans 8

Being a Notepad++ veteran user, the differences in code coloring, highlight and editor display in NetBeans IDE kinda put me off.

So first thing I wanted was to increase the line-height of the text (code, to be precise :p ) which is shown in NetBeans’ editor.

Luckily for me, I was not alone, other people asked the same question on google and some even answered it :))

The best answer by far is the one given by user pengemizt from on the question you can find here. That question was asking about NetBeans 7 but I just tried it on NetBeans 8 and it works ok.

I’m gonna copy/paste the answer here (all the credit going, like I’ve said above, to user pengemizt)

1. Find org-netbeans-modules-editor-settings-CustomPreferences.xml in ~/.netbeans/x.x/config/Editors/Preferences where x.x is your netbeans version.
In my case, this was C:\Users\Andrei\AppData\Roaming\NetBeans\8.0\config\Editors\Preferences\org-netbeans-modules-editor-settings-CustomPreferences.xml

NOTE.: By trial and error I found that this file is generated only after you first run NetBeans first time. I’ve just installed it on my home computer and decided to do all the changes first, and this file was nowhere to be found on my pc, so I had to run first netbeans and then edit the xml config file.

2. Add this xml markup just above </editor-preferences> or anywhere if you know what you doing.

    <entry javaType="java.lang.Float" name="line-height-correction" xml:space="preserve">




And I may add, restart NetBeans. The solution above gave as example setting the line-height to 1.4 but in my tests I found that a value of 1.2 works better (for me).

8 thoughts on “How to increase line-height (line spacing) in NetBeans 8

  1. Sve

    Works perfectly on Ubuntu too. The preferences file path for Netbeans 8.0.2 is ~/.netbeans/8.0.2/config/Editors/Preferences/org-netbeans-modules-editor-settings-CustomPreferences.xml
    I also find 1.2 better

  2. Raja Amer Khan

    Thanks! It worked. I’m yet to find some good usable theme for it. I don’t like its themes. Not programmer friendly layout.


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