Happy owner of a Raspberry Pi 2

I’ve just bought myself a Raspberry Pi 2 computer with several accessories from a store with a presence both online (http://www.jola.ro/) and IRL (“Calea Floreasca nr. 76, Bucharest).

This upgrade model of the B+ has 1GB of RAM and a quad-core 900MHz CPU.

The accessories I’ve bought are: 2.1A power supply, IR blaster, IR sensor (38kHz demodulation chip included), 8GB microSD card for the operating system and storage and connecting wires. The HDMI cable was a gift from the store 🙂

Raspberry Pi 2 and accessories

Raspberry Pi 2 and accessories

I am really happy and excited with my purchase. So far I’ve downloaded the Raspbian image and wrote in on the card in like thirty minutes with dd command line from my mac. It felt like forever 😀

I’ve connected the Pi to an HDMI screen, plugged in the card and an ethernet cable from my router. I’ve also plugged a USB wireless dongle from my Microsoft “All-in-One Media Keyboard” which although doesn’t compare to my Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, it does fully work with Raspberry Pi (by “fully” meaning both keyboard and touchpad mouse are compatible; don’t know about the media keys, I haven’t tried them).


Raspberry Pi 2 board, manual and box

By default, Pi boots to terminal. If you wish to load the graphical interface you have to type the following command:


I’ve tried the web browser, accessed … er … google, facebook and my site :p and then went straight to terminal. By default, the layout of the keyboard is non-US (I’ve read somewhere on the net it’s UK layout) and some of the symbol keys are messed up, including the pipe symbol which prints a hashtag instead. So you need to issue the following command to have the layout switched to US (if you have a US layout keyboard, of course 😛 )

setxkbmap us

When the Raspberry config screen first appeared (raspi-config command) I’ve walked through the settings and I have enabled SSH access.

Then I started playing around.  I’ll tell the rest of the story in another post, as it’s somehow a different story from this initial “Hurray! I’ve got a Pi” post, but what I can tell you now is that this model is indeed sensible to flashlight photography, meaning that if you take a photo of it up-close while it’s working and you trigger your camera’s flashlight, the Pi will reboot and enter a non-working state (green stripes on the screen – “Green screen of death” perhaps? 😛 ) and will require you to hard-reset it (unplug the power supply and plug it back in).

Raspberry Pi 2 USB ports and Ethernet

Raspberry Pi 2 USB ports and Ethernet

Also, it’s good if you update your system with the following set of commands (for example, my next-to-write-about project “IR remote cloner” did not work properly until I’ve upgraded Pi’s firmware with the last command from the set):

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo rpi-update

That’s all for now! Happy Pi-ing 😛

Raspberry Pi GPIO pins

Raspberry Pi GPIO pins

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