The Day of Fallen Leafs

The leafs are falling like memories which die,
erased from brain, they disappear, forgotten.

I want you here, I want you beside me
without messages and phones
with no chance of giving another answer.

I don’t want you to ask me
and I don’t wanna call for you:
I want you to be, I want you to come
I just want your presence in my life
to be self-explanatory.

Without actors or sexy stories
without imagined priorities
without childly inserted distance
and with no apologies

I want you to come with no prior notice
like a surprise
with a cab in the middle of night
hurrying like you once did
to get to me.

You need no invite to be here,
so don’t ask for one
and don’t look for an excuse
just come.

This is the day when leafs are falling
when green goes yellow and it turns to dust
I want to feel you love me
and being close to me
for you, it’s still a must.

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