Old PC versus new iPad

Years ago I had an AMD machine with a 200 MHz processor (yup, those were mega-hertz, not giga-hertz) and 32 MB of RAM (yup again, those were mega-bytes, not giga-bytes), having a lousy Windows 98 on it.

Yet, I had real multi-tasking, I was able to learn Visual Basic 6 programming on it, I could have multiple Word instances open, Adobe Reader and music player and I could switch back and forth between them without loosing the information, without programs resetting themselves and so on.

Sure, I had a blue screen now and then, but hey, let me repeat: I had real multitasking!

Now I have an iPad Air, with so much RAM and CPU power, my old PC would die of jealousy, and guess what? If I open more than 3 tabs in a browser, or spend too much time on facebook app, or mail app or God forbid, play a shitty game, all the other “background” apps drop dead. They loose content, they loose volatile info and so on.

It doesn’t even have a real OS with real programs, so what the f**k does with one giga of RAM?

Come on!!! Sure, it weights a ton less and eats a whole less power than my old PC, plus it has a glamorous retina display with multi-touching, but when I’m loosing the text I write or when the previously open tabs refresh themselves and loose the volatile information on the visited webpage, do you think I give a damn ’bout hardware “improvements”?

Oh well, grumpy Dinos and iPads 😀

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